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we can do it all from installing  push bar system or replace it 
re key front door lock or just put smart lock

we give flat rate over the phone for house lockouts and rekey 

What we provide

  • House Lockouts

  • Fresh Installation 

  • Electronic Locks

  • Lock Key Services

  • Door knocker Installation

  • High security locks & Keyless Entry

  • Lock Change

  • Rekey Lock

  • Lock Repair

  • Safe Lockouts

  • Gate Locks

  • Patio Door Locks

  • Mailbox Locks

Locks History


Why were locks invented and who influenced the idea of the design and manufacture?

Well, since the birth of modern civilization, ancestors from different locations around the world believed in keeping their belongings safe and for themselves. They figured out how to do this by molding mechanical devices, which were known as locks.
Even though we refer to these locks as mechanical, this does not mean that they were indeed mechanical. Instead, they were made from rope and various other materials. With the passing of time, however, human skills evolved and developed technology, which influenced the design of the modern lock we know today. Today the world believes that Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks were responsible for developing mechanical locks separately, but around the same time. The first locks were developed around 6,000 years ago.


The Importance of Locks and Changing it Regularly


Locks of any kind serve a very important purpose . These are specifically necessary because they provide security for your home, office, cabinet or just about anything you want to keep safe.
It is advised that locks of all kinds, must be replaced regularly
If your keys got lost or stolen
Locks malfunction
Moved in to new home  
The risk of someone breaking into your home or office, will always be alive and well. That is why most people double up on their security systems as much as they possibly can. If you’ve ever experienced a break-in, then you have to replace your locks immediately. Replacing all your locks regularly will provide you with security and peace of mind.
Different Types of Locks
There are many different types of locks that can be purchased for either your house or business

 Different Types of Locks:
Knob locks
Lever handle locks
Cam locks
Rim/ Mortise locks
Interchangeable core cylinder locks
Rim latch locks
Key in knob cylinder locks

Re key
If you plan on replacing your locks, you’ve probably heard of the term “re-keying a lock” before. rekeying is a bit more complicated than most people think. Re-keying involves changing the key of a lock that already works, while changing a lock involves fully replacing it, along with the key thereof. 
Re-keying is done by simply taking your lock apart and then replacing the bottom pins inside of it to fit a new key.
re-keying is  necessary in the case that you move to a new place, 


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